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The Agency INTERCASA offers a great variety of real estate for sale: apartments, houses, villas, hotels and inns, sea resorts, bars, and other types of commercial property , situated in the picturesque region of Silvi Marina right on the Adriatic Sea. This place , situated in the province of Teramo, is widely known as The Pearl of the Adriatic region of Abruzzo”. The town of Silvi Marina is perfectly located for tourists to visit the entire territory of Abruzzo. The climate of the region is mild and the weather conditions are favorable during the whole year.

Annually the town of Silvi Marina is fairly awarded with The Blue Flag by FEE for its clean and tidy beaches, for the clean transparent sea, for a great number of well-organized sea resorts in the region, for all ideal facilities which provide perfect rest for families with children.

The region of Abruzzo is situated in the centre of Italy, at a relatively short distance from the capital Rome. Abruzzo is famous for its clean beaches and its mountains among which we can mention Il Gran Sasso and La Maiella. The territory of Abruzzo is environmentally clean and unpolluted, the climate is ideal during the whole year.

The region abounds in green territories with four National Parks which have brought Abruzzo the title of the Green Region of Europe. 
medieval church of S. Salvatore (XII century)
medieval church of S. Salvatore (XII century) in Silvi Alta (Paese)
One more reason for buying some real estate in Abruzzo is the prices, which are considered to be quite moderate if compared with those in other regions of Italy, such as l’Umbria or Toscana. So it should be said that buying a house or villa in our region will save your money, adding to all pluses of the region mentioned above.

View to Silvi Alta from AdriaticThe real estate market is still very convenient what concerns the prices, but it won’t last forever, as this splendid oasis attracts more and more investments, and a greater number of people are eager to buy some real estate here, the prices are going up soon.

The region of Abruzzo has at its disposal 140km of wonderful wide beaches facing the Adriatic cost. Here you can find everything to your likeness and even more: sea, mountains, lakes, Medieval settlements with marvelous scenery and unforgettable landscape. Abruzzo is also the region which is rich in architectural and art heritage – museums, Medieval castles, monuments, Roman Cathedrals etc.

Pizza in Silvi Marina cuisine AbruzzoAbruzzo is an outstanding place for visitors because of its natural beauty, old traditions, delicious cuisine. Exclusive dishes both meat and fish, a great choice of fresh natural products (not genetically-modified). Everything mentioned proves the real hospitality and the true cordiality of the people living in Abruzzo.
Shish kebap in Italy - Arrosticini Italy natural products
Arrosticini typical of traditional Abruzzo cuisine

In Silvi Marina from early morning and till late night one can find all sorts of entertainment and attractions one can imagine - various kinds of sports – tennis, football, beach volley, windsurfing, scuba diving, underwater fishing.
Sport and relax in Silvi Marina Abruzzo Abruzzo total relax

We can offer you horse riding excursions to the green of our fascinating forests and National parks, endless golf fields situated in 2-3km from the town. Exciting night life is for people of all ages and preferences. Everything is just for you.
Torre di Cerrano ancient towers Italy sandy beaches in Abruzzo
Torre di Cerrano ancient towers of the Kingdom of Naples, is located on the Adriatic coast

 The Town of Silvi Marina is undoubtedly worth visiting and living in. So we offer a great selection of real estate objects for sale in Silvi Marina. We hope that you will find an ideal variant just for you. We are at you disposal for any information or questions you may have.

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